Rabu, 15 Februari 2017

Tere Liye

 This is my idol
Tere liye is my idol, he's an author who thought his work was outstanding.
one of the works that I liked was the rain and also rote prayer Delisa.
I'd love to meet him and I want to have all the work of his novel.
Tere liye was not his real name, it is a pen name. 
Tere liye original name is Darwin yes mr. Darwin. he was a man not a woman.
Writing activities just a hobby for him because every day to work as an accountant. 
Tere liye was taken from Indian languages, which means for you.
I clicked the tere liya idol because of his novel that explores about knowledge, morals and religion. 
Different from other writers, Tere Liye did not seem to want to be published to the public related to her personal life.
Maybe it was the way he chose, just trying to give the best work sincerely and simply.
In every novel of his work rarely provide the name of the author as a novel usual. it is about my idol thanks


Minggu, 27 November 2016

Banyu nibo adalah wisata baru yang terlatak di dusun Ngluwur,kepuh sari,wobogiri  jawa tengah. iya air terjun yang kaya akan keindahan alam disana. Mau tau gmana sensasinya ini salah satu foto dari air terjun itu
Bagaimana cantik bukan datang yuk kesana murah kok and kalian yang kesana nggak bakalan nyesel deh 

Air terjun banyu nibo